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Graphics & Banners Section:

I've included all the product graphics and banners (with HTML code) on this page. If you need additional images for promotion, simply contact me.

Note: If you're our affiliate, you can use any image on the main page on your website.

1. Product Graphics:

2. Banners (With HTML Code):

Simply copy and paste the HTML code for each banner to display on your site. Kindly be reminded that if you are going to use any of the codes, you need to Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank Affiliate ID.

SIZE: 468x60:

SIZE: 250x250:

SIZE: 300x250:

SIZE: 728x90:

SIZE: 336x280:

SIZE: 180x320:

SIZE: 125x125:

SIZE: 150x150:

P.S: If you need help as an affiliate, or you wish to contact me for a JV, please open a support ticket

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